I just nope.

It’s our three-year-old’s most-uttered expression:  “I just nope.”

Marsielle continues to dabble with a limited vocabulary — not because she’s not intelligent, but because (I’m pretty sure) she withholds words as part of her master plan to take over the world and make the rest of us her servants.

Her favorite phrase, therefore, works as a response in most situations:

Me:  “Marsi, where are your socks?”  Marsi (playing the airhead, shrugging shoulders):  “I just nope!”

Me:  “Marsi, please look at the Schwan’s man and say hello.”  Marsi (eyes dark, jaw set):  “I just nope.”

Me:  “Marsi, why did you karate-kick your sister and put her in a headlock?”  Marsi (eyes locked on sister-target):  “I.  Just.  Nope.”


She’s really cute.  But also a little bit scary.

© Tami Blake

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