All jammies all the time

I am in the school of thought that believes it is acceptable, appropriate, and just good ol’ fashioned common sense for babies to wear jammies 24/7.  I know that baby clothes are adorable and tempting to buy, but as a four-kid veteran, I can tell you:  there is very little reason for a baby to have an extended wardrobe.  Four pairs of footed jammies (the zippered kind; please don’t buy the snap-button kind, because who wants to snap eight snaps at 2 a.m.?) should more than suffice for the sizes between newborn and yearling.

Here’s why I vote for jammies for president:

  1. I believe baby socks should be illegal.  They don’t work.  They are the bane of my existence.  But footed jammies have built-in socks!  No danger of baby’s tootsies getting cold, and no wearing oneself out trying to keep track of tiny socks.
  2. The coverage is incredible.  The only part of the baby sticking out is his head (as it well should be).  And because those little footies are holding things down where they’re supposed to be held down, there’s no risk of baby’s outfit riding up and bunching in inappropriate places… which is another of my pet peeves.
  3. The zipper on footed jammies makes diaper changes fast and efficient!
  4. Footed jammies come in all different fabrics — use fleece for winter and light cotton in the summer (on warm days, don’t be afraid to let the baby lounge about with nothing on but a diaper).  The average baby needs/wants only two wardrobe choices:  footed jammies or birthday suit.  I have this on good authority from the president, CEO, CFO, and boss of our household, who agrees with me that cute, clean jammies are totally sufficient baby-wear for church, holidays, weddings, etc.

So if you’re ever wondering what to buy for a baby present, I say go with jammies.

And if you don’t want to buy a present, I say make a meal.  I have maintained since my first child was born and I had no idea how I was supposed to get anything done besides hold him that the best gift ever for new parents is food.  Because you’re hungry, but you’re too tired to cook a good meal, and you just want to feel like somebody is taking care of you instead of vice versa, nonstop, for the rest of your life.

A favorite memory from little Muggins’ first days?  One dark, cold winter night, along about suppertime, our front door suddenly burst open with an unexpected guest.  Our neighbor Tracy came in, shaking the snow from her coat, lugging a pan of homemade meatballs, a zip-top baggie of cream corn harvested from her own garden last summer, a yummy jell-o dessert, and 2 packets of instant mashed potatoes (which would lead me to an epiphany:  instant mashed potatoes are fine.  It’s okay to not peel potatoes if I don’t want to ever again).

I enjoyed that gift from Tracy for many days after.  Yes, I shared a little bit of the food with my husband and kids, but no one enjoyed it was much as I did.  That supper she brought me tasted like love.  And I’ve resolved that someday I want to be the wise older lady on the giving side of that equation.


So, take it from a veteran.  Jammies and food are the gifts to give.  Throw in a box of diapers and you’ve covered all the bases.  Babies are simple.  The new parents in your life will love you.  You’re welcome.

© Tami Blake

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