A favorite rainy day project!

A few years back I spotted a recipe for edible play dough in a magazine somewhere.  I’m sure I had the clipping out of that magazine at one point in my life, but as of today I have no idea where I would even start looking for the official edible play dough recipe.  Though I don’t remember the ratios, I do remember the ingredients:

  1. Honey
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Powdered Milk

So I totally wing it every time I make this now, with success by and large; clearly the amounts aren’t terribly important.  For the kids, a big part of the fun is in the dumping of ingredients into the bowl, mixing it by hand, taste-testing, and adding a little more of this or a bit of that.  In the end you should have a consistency worthy of rolling out, cutting, and sculpting.  The peanut butter and honey are the base for the edible play dough, and the milk is the thickener.  Bonus:  the final result is totally yummy!

Like regular play dough, this mixture will keep for a long time in a zip-top bag.  I’ll admit, though, I generally start to worry about germy little hands putting increasingly germy edible play dough into mouths, so I throw it out after a couple days of play.

(I generally do some snacking on this stuff before the germy little hands completely infect it… it’s addictive!)

For rainy days, for table time, for any occasion that seems worthy of honey all over the kitchen — try edible play dough.  Once it’s mixed up, break out the cookie cutters, the rolling pin, knives and spatulas, and buy yourself a few minutes to hear your own thoughts.  This recipe is actually not as messy as you might guess — far less messy than traditional play dough — and it’s snack time and play time rolled into one effort.  Handy.

You can always clean after the kids leave for college, right?


© Tami Blake

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