First campout of the year!

Beau took our brood camping this past weekend!  He and one of his best buddies, Stacey, have made a tradition of taking their collective kids camping as soon as the weather allows each spring.  No place special — just a pasture here or there.  But still, it’s something the kids look forward to all winter long, and I think the two dads enjoy it just as much.

So while my family was sleeping on the ground Friday night, I got to spend an evening alone at home (well, except for Baby Muggins, who’s a pretty easy companion) and was asleep by 9 p.m.  So all in all the campout was a success for all concerned!

Have you ever noticed that kids think camping is awesome and grown-ups kinda dread it because it’s so much work?  Case in point:


First you have to gather up all the stuff.  You make a special shopping trip to town for hot dogs and buns and marshmallows and graham crackers and new Barbie fishing poles.  You load coolers with midget-sized pops and fruit juices.  You load the pickup with tents and bedrolls and camp chairs and water coolers.  Then you unload it all at the campsite and set it up.  Next morning, after a sleepless night, you reload it all, when everything is covered with marshmallow goo and smells of campfire and bug spray.  You haul everything home.  You unload it.  You have to clean it/air it out before you stash it all away for next time.  You do four extra loads of laundry…

Because this is something that happens on a dads-and-kids camping trip that probably would never happen on a moms-and-kids camping trip:


Mmmm.  River mud.

Why do kids like to lather up with mud?  I don’t understand.

A few more pics from The First Campout of ’18:


(Yellowstone catfish.)


(The corral the kids built to hold their imaginary horse herd overnight.)


(Marsi’s first time camping with Dad and the big kids.)

I’m so thankful my kids have a fun Dad.

© Tami Blake

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