Beau has about had it with The Never-Ending Winter of ’18.  The latest challenge:  calving heifers in a knee-deep, freezing mix of snow, ice, runoff, and mud.

He’s uttered a couple good isms lately that kinda sum up how over this he is.  Both were delivered with a heavily sarcastic accent.

  1. “Oh, look, it’s the ninety-ninth day of January!”
  2. “I’ve lost the will to tame Montana.”


The weathermen say the county we live in has received 117″ of snow so far this winter, and everybody has been watching in anxious anticipation of today’s forecast.  More snowfall is predicted; depending on which website you check and what time of day you look at the forecast, the amounts expected range from 2″ to 13″.

Monday here was partly sunny.  Tuesday was mostly sunny.  Yesterday it rained.  And today we’re expecting snow.

So the guys have been joking that Monday was spring, Tuesday was summer, yesterday was fall, and today we’re starting the winter of ’18-’19.

Yep, it’s been that dreadful… makes you think perpetual winter might be the new normal!


© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Beau-isms

  1. Oh man, we feel your pain. Up here in North Central MT we were dealing with all of that too. Having to use the tractor with 14′ blade to plow a “maze” for the cows to have some ground to stand on and us to be able to drive the feed truck to feed hay. Then the maze turns to slop on sunny days just in time for the freezing/driving rain. Cows walking away from calves for no reason other than they have to be sick of winter more than we are.
    So then we come back to the house after another long day of mothering up everything and find that the creek we live by has rose to flood stage and a part of the dike is dangerously close to overflow. So guys have to quickly get backhoe and tractor to build it up. I talked to God a LOT these last few weeks, asking Him how strong he really thinks we are?
    He heard me, the creek went down in 2 days. So we survived flooding and yesterday turned into a pretty good drying day so the calving ground has a few dry spots.
    Hope you and your family get a break soon too. I’m so glad you continue to post even with the new baby taking up your “extra” time from the Ranch.


    1. Thanks! Hope you’re drying up like we are. You’re right — seems like a winter like this one, even if they survive it, really affects a cow… maybe permanently? Definitely makes them weaker going into calving season, and I suppose if they have to choose, a cow chooses first to keep herself alive. Maybe that’s all she can focus on! Not a good position for any critter to be in.


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