The baby is good, the weather is bad

There are a few things you forget about newborns when you’re not around them.  Newborns are so precious, and they so quickly grow into babies and start to shed their new-to-this-world behaviors.

Like this:  newborns grunt like little piglets when they’re hungry.


And newborn cries sound like the bleating of a little lamb.


(At the end of the day, pretty much all newborn sounds melt my heart.)

Also, the way they smell.  Something akin to heaven.


And call me a mama cow, but I’m even rather fond of the sharp, vinegar-y smell of my newborn baby’s yellow poop!

It seems that a lot of my words describing our 2-week-old son have a recurring barnyard theme, which likely comes across as pretty weird to the non-ranchy crowd.  But as I always say, a lot of what I know about mothering I learned from watching mama cows at work.  The facts are, life is pretty base with a newborn, even if he is human:  he eats, he fills diapers, he sleeps a lot (just not through the night; dear reader, please restrain yourself from asking mothers of newborns if the baby is sleeping through the night, which in my opinion is near the top of the Dumbest Questions in the History of the Duration list).

So anyhow, life here at the Blake house is pretty basic right now, but it is a good life.  As you can see in the pictures above, we are all head-over-heels in love with Mr. Muggins.

Even Grandpa and Grandma:





So the biggest news around here, probably, is the weather:


It’s been darn cold — it’s four below as I write this morning.  And we’ve got lots of snow — more than we’ve had in a long time.

It all means that Beau’s plan to take a few days off after the baby’s arrival have never come to fruition.  Everything about a ranch — life in general, I suppose — becomes more difficult when it’s cold and snowy.  Beau has been putting in long days fixing water lines in below-zero weather; procuring loads of hay that are being shipped in from far away to feed PV cows that would in a normal year be foraging but this year find themselves in deep and crusty snow; pulling said loads of hay up the scary hill on the Sumatra Road; plowing through drifts to liberate cow camps and winter pastures; and moving cows out of drifted-in winter pastures to pastures more accessible to county roads and hay stacks.

I think Beau is starting to dread waking up, because each new day lately has been bringing with it some sort of new weather-caused conundrum.

Yesterday, Sunday — and the general PV rule is that we don’t do any extra work on Sundays, but this was a bit of an emergency — the cowboys trailed cows out of Butte Camp to Horse Camp.  And while the capable crew did that job without him, Beau and a couple buddies spent the day on snowmobiles gathering a pasture way out in the boonies.  Though PV cows are generally handled only with horses, Beau said these ol’ gals were so relieved to see their rescuers that they behaved perfectly as they followed the snowmobile tracks out the gate!



(Photo by Beau’s coworker Tucker Boyd, taken while they were gathering cows to move them to a more accessible pasture.  I depend on others to take all interesting outdoor photos these days, as my own Terrible-Winter-of-2018 experience is mostly limited to standing by the heater and looking out the window.)

So, yep, the winter is bad.  But the good news is the baby is very good.

© Tami Blake

3 thoughts on “The baby is good, the weather is bad

  1. hiya…thought about you a lot the past month.  I wasn’t surprised you couldn’t be at the dinner Sunday…I think you may have your hands full right now.  He’s a cutie like the other 3 of course.   damn snow this year, ranching family members are having  lots of fun also, not as many or gigantic proportion as out there.  Sisters and husbands are going to have to plow areas for calving soon,  new colt will stay at vet clinic until it’s safe to bring home to unheated barn, getting stuck plowing snow and waiting for tractor to come get pulled out, thank goodness for radios in non-cel area.  (you remember that I bet ) see you next summer…J.

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  2. I so look forward to your posts, makes me heartsick that I cannot be out there with the critters any more, MS is really taking its toll after 30 years so now I live a little of the life I loved through writers like you. Thanks and keep up your great work, I know how much dedication and time it entails but I appreciate it.


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