Bonus Material!

The kids are getting a slow start this morning — too late a night at the Jersey Lilly yesterday; Asher’s buddy turned 70 the day after Asher turned 7, so we couldn’t miss the party!

Anyhow, the late sleepers are giving me a chance to look more closely at my photos-taking-over-the-computer problem, and I’ve just found one that deserves to be shared:


These blue roan Clydesdales belong to our friends and neighbors (and previous PV Ranch owners) Bob and Di Grierson.  In their heyday the gentle giants were part of the Eastern Montana Clydesdales four-up and six-up hitches that participated in parades near and far, but today they’re mostly retired.

A couple times a year the PV cowboys trot the big ponies home for hoof work, and then back to fresh pasture, and that’s just what was happening yesterday when I took this photo.  That’s Tucker in the lead and Jacob at the top of the hill.

© Tami Blake

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