Sorting Through Pictures

It’s beyond time for me to clean out the pictures I have stored in iPhoto on my computer.  There are currently 7,292 photographs on my Mac, some of them dating back to 2014!  And it’s not like all the pictures are keepers.  Many of them should’ve been thrown away as soon as they were downloaded off the camera.  It’s just that life gets so hectic and crazy that I sometimes let things slide.  Yep, I admit it.  I let things slide — things like cleaning the kids’ bedroom, and things like flossing, and things like organizing the pantry and unpacking the kids’ bags from swimming lessons — because there is just way more to do around here in one day than I can get done.  Thus, for a while now all my computer files have been largely ignored — left, like unkempt bushes in the yard, to grow and get all gangly and leggy and, if I was one to give up, get beyond the point of manageability.  Now my computer is post-Thanksgiving-dinner full and feeling a little sluggish.

Of course I’ve always intended to sort through, organize, and trash a lot of what I have stored on my precious Mac.  And I still intend to do just that.  I am definitely not a quitter, see… just a later bloomer.  And so today is the day.  It is time to conquer the junk on my computer, to follow the advice of a certain William Morris which I once heard and appreciated:  “Have nothing in your house [or on your computer, I assume] that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  Emphasis mine.

So.  To start with sorting through the most recent pictures on iPhoto, or the oldest ones?  Sigh.  I always get hung up with legalistic gobbledygook like this.  (Did you know that gobbledygook is a real word?  My spell check just okayed it.  I’m amazed!)  Back to the task at hand:  sometimes a gal must move forward even if she’s not sure she’s moving in the right direction, so I decided to start with the 2014 photos first.  Then I got all sentimental and completely bogged down, like Chevy Chase of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when he’s watching the old movies up in the attic.  How do kids grow so fast?!  Momentarily derailed, I decided to skip ahead to more recent downloads and found several photos that, shared on here, could suffice as a pretty handy here’s-what-we’ve-been-up-to blog.  So here’s our life recently:


I took this series of photos last Sunday as Tucker wrangled horses into the barn.  Fall work is hard-and-fast underway around here.



Speaking of fall work, this is what happens when you get tangled up with an electric branding iron:


Sweet Emi.  She was in the calf-processing shed with Beau; he’s been keeping the electric branding iron plugged in to quickly brand any slicks that might come through the chute. Emi somehow got tangled up in the cord for the branding iron, fell, and the branding iron fell too, burning her cheek and her lip.  We are so thankful the accident wasn’t worse, because it so easily could’ve been.

Here’s what she looks like when she hasn’t been in a farm accident:


These two girls are so much fun.  I was always afraid to have little girls, but… the three of us, I think we’re gonna be okay.

As you can see, we are enjoying beautiful early fall weather around here.  I never knew that fall was close to my favorite season until recent years, I think because I always associated fall with the start of school.  But now that we homeschool in our own family, September and October feel like Bonus Summer to me.  (And, yes, I still feel a little bit like we are cheating The System by skipping out on the rigamarole of public school and enjoying the beautiful weather instead, but I reassure myself that what we’re doing as homeschoolers is completely legal.)  Seriously, the weather this time of year is so perfect for kids.  I feel like the summer months around here get a little hot, and a little buggy, for small kids to be outside for long stretches during the day.  But daytimes in the 70s and cool nights?  Yes, please.  The lawn is still green, the leaves are golden, the sunshine is twinkling instead of punishing… the kids are loving it, and so am I.



But speaking of bugs, we still have lots of those.  Seems like this is a big year for spiders:



And box-elder bugs.  And little brown worms that cross our kitchen floor.  And the wasps and bees — they’ve been buzzing Asher and driving him wild.  The flies in our kitchen are currently making one final stand before winter, too.  Other than that, though, the bugs don’t seem too bad this time of year.  Ha!

In ranch news, the local housepainter came and painted the old cookhouse:


Last year Beau and my folks were made aware that all the buildings on Kroenke Ranches are supposed to be brown with green roofs.  So the houses here at the PV are making a slow transformation — one that seems very weird, because all the houses here have been white for over 100 years.  Last year the house where I grew up, where Beau and I now live, made the change from white to brown, and this year it was the cookhouse’s turn.  Different as things are starting to look around here, the brown kinda seems like the beginning of a new era — and let’s be honest, a fresh coat of paint can make even an old cookhouse seem less like a shack and more like a home.

Speaking of home…


This.  This is why we need Sundays.  Because Daddy needs to sit, finally, after a week of running around keeping kites in the air.  And because the kids need Daddy to just be still.  I believe God had it right when He said Sunday should be a day of rest.

Monday will be here all too soon, but for today we get to sit and be still… just as soon, of course, as feedlot pens are ridden, sick calves are doctored, feed-truck-drivers are sent home, and horses are hayed.

Because that’s just agriculture for ya.

Happy Sunday everyone!

© Tami Blake

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