Update on Cat

Remember our 6-year-old gelding with the broken elbow?  He suffered his injury this past summer and has been under wait-and-see status in the pen across from our house ever since.  There’s not a lot to do for a horse with a broken elbow other than give him time to heal… and hope he heals.  (Check out Fingers crossed for Cat for his full story.)

Last week the kids and I rode along as Beau took Cat back to Dr. Dick Cunningham, our local vet, for a 10-weeks-or-so checkup.  Though Cat is able to walk soundly now, if he is startled in his pen and makes a quick move, he still gimps around for a while after.

With a quick feel of Cat’s leg, Dr. Cunningham was able to tell us that the fractured bone has not mended yet.  Then he took him into the padded stall for a quick laser treatment:


And we Blakes left the vet office with advice to just wait and see.  There are many things we could do for Cat… and maybe should do for Cat… but, unfortunately, none of our options promise absolute results.  We could put him in a smaller pen and restrain his movement even more.  We could perhaps put him on a bone-building mineral.  We could take him back to the vet office for more regular laser treatments.

Beau and I weigh the options against the expense of each and against our reality that every single day we run out of daylight before we’ve accomplished anything significant for Cat, yet again.  In the meantime, he just watches the goings-on around here:


He’s a sweet boy.  And we’ve still got our fingers crossed for him.

© Tami Blake

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