As usual, our big kids are keeping us entertained with Asher-isms and Emi-isms (the 2-year-old, Marsi, is sticking with her limited vocabulary for now; not because she can’t talk but I’m pretty sure because it all factors into her plan to take over the world).  Meantime, we get a lot of laughs out of listening to 4-year-old Emi and 6-year-old Asher.  I am continually surprised by the wise (and comical) ways in which their little minds are processing the big world!  A few recent examples:


I sent Emi out to let the geldings into the corral from the horse pasture — a chore that she recently (and with much pride) learned to accomplish.  This time, though, she was struggling with the chain that held the gate shut, so I sent Asher out to help her.  Even with four hands they couldn’t get it open, and so Asher left a frustrated Emi standing guard and rushed back to the house:  “You need to hurry out there, Mom!  Emi’s about to lose her bearings!”



Emi, to her dad, after what I thought was a very appropriate day’s lesson on housekeeping:  “What did we learn today?  Um… just that it’s no fun to live in a dad-gum dirty house.”



Me:  I’m out of the shower now, Asher.  What is it you were trying to tell me while I was in there?

Asher:  The phone rang, so I picked it up and said, Please leave a message.

Me:  And then what?

Asher, with a this-is-so-obvious tone of voice:  And then I hung up.

(This one was hilarious, but also a surprise because Asher usually does very well answering the phone.  But lately he’s been contemplating the processes of answering machines and voicemail.  Apparently we still have some ‘splaining to do.)




A few days ago Emi told me she wants to work at Chuck E. Cheese’s when she grows up.  Later in the day we went to the bank and she told the teller she’s planning to work at a bank when she grows up.  Yesterday we went to the vet and she told the pet groomer that she’s planning to be a pet vet (like Doc McStuffins) when she’s grown up.  Today she says she wants to be the President someday.  Maybe she’ll end up dabbling in a little of everything?




Asher, enjoying a slice of fresh ham roast:  “Wow, it’s so easy to cut, I don’t even need a pork knife!”



Emi, who regularly melts hearts:  “Which one’s my pinky again?   … so we can pinky shake!”



© Tami Blake

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