1st Day of Branding 2017

Today marked the first day of branding season 2017 on the ol’ PV.  I did make it to the branding, with the little girls in tow (Asher left bright and early with Grandpa and Bill because he is, of course, a working man these days)… but though I witnessed the action and smelled the smoke, I completely forgot my camera at home.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the meal Becky served to the branding crew in her kitchen there at Ridge Camp.  As usual.  Though it hasn’t always been this way (remember The day I got my Old Mom Card?), branding is kinda all about the food for me these days.

So, anyway, the big story is that I have no branding photos to offer… yet.

But there will be plenty of opportunity in the coming weeks for sharing branding pics.  Because, as of tonight, the tally is 200 calves branded… approximately 3,300 to go.

The only photo I can share is this one I took of the foggy sunrise that unfolded a couple hours after Beau and the crew left the yard with a trailer full of horses:


Good night — another sunrise is on its way!

© Tami Blake

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