Bursting my buttons…

… and not because of a wardrobe malfunction, either — although I’ve had plenty of problems in that arena in my lifetime.  Obviously.  Someday I’ll write a few lines about a few of the more embarrassing wardrobe incidents I’ve endured.

But not today.  Today I’m bursting with pride because of something our son said yesterday.  It was at the Easter sunrise service and the pastor invited all the kids up to the front to ask them what Easter’s all about.  Some of the kids told elaborate stories about the Easter bunny, and older boys talked about baskets filled with chocolate goodies.

Then it was Asher’s turn.

Pastor Paul:  “Asher, what do you think Easter is about?”

Asher:  “It’s about Jesus dying on the cross.”

Pastor Paul:  “So it’s not about eggs and bunnies?”

Asher is not like his mama.  He’s not out to condemn anybody.  He’s a lover, not a fighter.  So, with a goofy grin on his face, he answered:  “Well… those things too… but not as much as the cross.”

This, folks.  This is why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Love my family so much.  Love teaching these little gifts-from-heaven of ours.  What a responsibility.  What a privilege.  What a joy!


This is our family.


This is what it looks like when our niece and nephew photo-bomb our family.


These are the five cousins.  Oh, my heart — love every piece of each of them.  Even 13-year-old Nate’s shaggy baseball hair.


These are the beauties of the family.


This is the little man who knows the story of Easter by heart.


This is how you hunt for eggs in the sagebrush.


This is how to be a daddy.


This is our extended family enjoying the fruits (i.e. the Reese’s eggs and Kit Kat bunny ears) of a restful Easter Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


This is the cake that 11-year-old future-bakery-owner Tay made for dessert.  I hired her yesterday to be our official Branding Season Baker.  Because now that Easter’s over, branding will be here before we know it!

(Oh, in case you were wondering, I didn’t bomb my version of How Great Thou Art, mentioned in an almost-delirious 4 a.m.-on-Easter-morning blog titled He’s Alive!  No bad notes as I sang and played — just a little shaky, so I invited the congregation to sing with me on the chorus.  Somebody please remember to sing that song at my funeral.

It is well, it is well with my soul.

Hope you had a blessed Easter like we did!

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Bursting my buttons…

  1. Tami,
    You have taught Asher well. He is a thinker. Love the beautiful family pictures. The girls were adorable in their beautiful dresses. Sorry we missed sunrise services but just couldn’t make it that early with the kids here.


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