Emi-ism of the Day

She wonders:  “Can baby parrots talk when they’re first born?”

Now, had 4-year-old Emi wondered such a thing not so many years ago, it would’ve just been a cute, funny thing for a little kid to wonder.  Because we’d have never known the answer… because we don’t know any parrot experts.

However, here we are, parenting in the 21st Century.  And we have Google, my most excellent teaching aid, at our disposal.  And the answer is this:  baby parrots won’t be able to talk until they’re at least 3 months old, and more likely 6 months.  Six months in parrot years equate to two human years.

So there you have it.  I’ve learned lots of things I never knew I was interested in before these Blake kids came into my life.


Yes, she eats whole carrots.  Yes, she picked out her own outfit.

© Tami Blake

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