Little embarrassed to admit this…

… but today I took a deep breath as I looked around my filthy kitchen and ticked off in my mind the various tasks that I needed to accomplish before I could start making lunch for the crew:  clean off the counter.  Clean out the sinks.  Unload the dishwasher.  Reload the dishwasher.



… I closed my eyes for a moment…

… and I snapped my fingers.

Just to see what would happen.

And you know what?

I opened my eyes.  And…

… nothing had changed.  Apparently I haven’t an ounce of magic in me.

But a gal can wish.  And I do wish I really could snap my fingers and that the dishes would magically be done when I opened my eyes… so I could move ahead with other things, things I really like to do in life.  Like cook!  I really love to cook.  I just don’t like to deal with the after-mess.

I was going to make applesauce for dessert today.  But who has time to peel apples?

I did, apparently, back in 2014, when I took this picture:


That’s all.  No smart conclusion today.  That’s just all.

© Tami Blake

P.S.:  The pretty turquoise plates?  Some of my recent Dollar Store finds.  They’re melamine.  Wish I could snap my fingers and turn them into real plates.

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