She rides unicycles

On Saturday our family traveled to Billings to watch our niece Taylor and her buddies perform on their unicycles during half time of a game at the women’s NAIA national basketball tournament.


A whole bunch of super-coordinated kids from Sacred Heart, the school Taylor and her brother Nate attend, practice regularly on their unicycles and perform in parades and at ball games and more.  Their balance is amazing!  They can do all sorts of cool tricks:



Something like 99% of the kids who graduate from Sacred Heart these days are receiving scholarships to go on to the circus!

Just kidding, Tay  ; )

While I didn’t get a great picture of Tay on her unicycle on Saturday, I did get this one of her on Sunday:


Where’d the trampoline come from?  Well, my 91-year-old grandmother got it for my 69-year-old mother for my mother’s birthday.  Why?  Because Mom wanted a trampoline for her birthday. And that’s no joke.


(My mom, proud new trampoline owner, with extended family.)



Mom says she wanted the trampoline for the grandkids’ enjoyment… but I dunno… I’m betting she jumps when no one’s there to watch her!


After the basketball tournament on Saturday evening, my sister and her kids spent the night — some of them at our house, some of them at my folks’ house.  Then we all got to share a leisurely, rainy Sunday at Grammy and Grampy’s place.  Best of all, in between all our relaxing, we women and children got the notion in our heads that by golly we could assemble that trampoline, no sweat!

And you know what?  We did assemble it, all by ourselves!  Well… with only a little help from my dearly beloved.  What started out as one (very heavy) box in the garage… turned into a real trampoline!

Asher started the ensuing jump-fest in clothes like a normal human being…


… but was soon down to his underwear!


I just don’t know about that kid.  Nor do I know about this one, who crashed and burned on the sidewalk en route to our public appearance at the basketball tournament:



We all ended the wild weekend full of tournamenting and unicycling and in-the-rain-trampoline-jumping with hot chocolate and a movie.


Love these cousins.

© Tami Blake

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