Goodbye, ol’ girls… and other things I haven’t told you yet

Here’s what we’ve been up to!  It’s that time of year when the crew is running behind, trying to get cows and heifers moved from their winter pastures to calving pastures… and meantime, a few early arrivals — i.e. baby calves here before we’re totally ready for them — are already hitting the ground.  It’s the way we roll.


First of all:  back in June I shared this picture of a PV cow to demonstrate that every cow around here wears an age brand on her shoulder to help us determine her year of birth.  For instance, this cow pictured was born in 2012.  We need to know cows’ ages because, the year that a PV cow turns 10, she’s cut out of the cow herd at weaning time and brought to the feedlot for the winter.  Then, come spring, she’s sold.

So here at the feedlot we’ve been busy waving goodbye to the PV cows born in 2006 — they all hopped on trucks bound for Wyoming earlier this week.  I say “hopped” like it’s something they do by themselves… but in reality, shipping cows is a big job for the crew.

Next up:


I’ve been on lunch duty for hungry workers.  My sous chefs were, as ever, great help.  Case in point:  this is not the only egg that hit the floor that day.  True story.



The last of the snow for this season (am I being too hopeful here?) started to melt early in the week and (finally, for a few short hours) provided for us snowman-perfect snow.  Usually we Eastern Montanans have light, fluffy, dry snow that doesn’t pack together.  But this stuff, when half-melted, was sticky enough for balls.  So we all hurried outside to build what, as far as kids are concerned, snow is meant for.  Emi ate the carrot nose off of her snowman and I asked her why.  She said, “Because I want him to have a short nose, like mine.”

Asher named his snowman Bob:


The snow is almost totally gone now.  The feedlot, as you may guess, gets really wet and sloppy this time of year:


At the end of this week we have been enjoying beautiful, spring-like weather.  So nice that the kids got to ride down to the mailbox:



That hair.  That hat.  Oh, my heart:


Little sister insisted that she get some saddle time, too:


Little sister is my helper extraordinaire.  She likes to hide under my desk, which would be just dandy if she did so quietly while I was working at the desk… but little sister doesn’t do anything quietly:


One more thing:  what’s up with the men in my life who believe they have the right to lounge about the house wearing nothing but their underwear?  Do all men do this… or only Blake men?


© Tami Blake

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