Aftermath of the Froze-to-Death branding

Nine months ago I documented the 2016 PV branding at Froze-to-Death Pasture in a blog called On Froze-to-Death Creek.

Froze-to-Death Pasture, a 6-section PV property used in calving and weaning seasons, should not be confused with the Froze-to-Death Grazing District, summer grazing located up the creek to the north of the pasture.  In previous generations the grazing district was a 100-section piece of land on which several neighboring ranches ran communally in the summer months; the district was fenced in the early 2000s, dividing each brand’s summer pasture from the others, though the official grazing district association has not been dissolved.

Just wanted to clear all that up for you.  Anyhow.

Last June at the Froze-to-Death branding the crew discovered an impostor as they gathered the pasture in the early morning light:


A neighbor bull, primed and ready for breeding season… a few weeks too early and several shades too light in color.  After the branding the big buy was hauled home to his owners.

But come this week, in the middle of a March blizzard…

blizzard 2

… Kate, pen-rider extraordinaire, discovered the fruits of the neighbor bull’s labor:


Kate, appropriately enough, named her Blizzard.  And it’s pretty obvious where she came from.

I should say that Blizzard is a fruit of her daddy’s labor.  We wonder if more fruits of the white bull will soon be arriving.

While we traditionally calve all the PV cows and heifers out in the hills, far away from the feedlot, Blizzard’s good mama is an aged cow who was cut from the mama cow herd last fall and who wintered with other aged cows in the feedlot.  They are all set to be sold and shipped to Wyoming this coming week… before they start calving.

Except for Blizzard’s mama (Emi named her Witch and we hope she doesn’t live up to her name).  Blizzard’s mama has earned herself a ticket to another good summer on the PV.  Her little white heifer calf is her ticket!

Blizzard is so cute I want to pick her up and cuddle her.

But I will restrain myself.

Happy spring snowstorm, everyone!


© Tami Blake

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