March 8…

… and I just mailed out the last of our Christmas-turned-Valentine’s-Day cards.V card

If you catch wind that I am entertaining the idea next Christmas that I have enough time to undertake a mass mailing of a family Christmas card to all our friends and family… PLEASE set me straight.  Remind me that such cards sit on my desk every year as days and weeks pass by, until they’re so late that sending them is almost embarrassing.  Remind me that such cards just become one more thing on my endless to-do list, one more guilt-inducing job that I never finish and which causes me to wonder things like What’s wrong with me? and Why can’t I ever get my act together?.

Obviously there is no time for mass-mailings in my life!  I don’t even have enough time to keep enough spoons clean to feed my family cereal!  I can’t even locate a clean pair of underwear for every underwear-wearer in our family on the average morning!

Maybe I need to cut something out of my life.  Maybe my schedule is overfull.

It can’t be the kids.  Or showering.  Those obligations are obviously non-negotiable.  And I’ve already cut time spent flossing down as low as I dare.

But I think I will cut out mass mailings for the next 18 years or so.  And, hopefully more immediately productive, time spent on Facebook too.

But more on that in a future blog.  Because I’ll always make time to write.

© Tami Blake

3 thoughts on “March 8…

  1. You’re ahead of me – I got a few Christmas cards out before Valentine’s Day, a few after – & the rest are sitting in a pile in the office – calving has started, so the chance of getting back to the Christmas cards is slim to none!


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