What cow kids do in the winter months

A lot of times, in Eastern Montana at least… they play basketball.

Last night for my mom’s birthday we took her to Miles City to watch two important basketball games.  (Yes, it was what she wanted to do for her birthday.  High school basketball game-watching is kind of a pastime around here.)

These games were important because two PV kids were playing in them.  Teenagers Holden and Kaigen live at Ridge Camp with their parents, Nate and Becky, but they spend a majority of their time during the school year either at the Melstone School, en route to school from Ridge Camp (it’s 25 miles one way), or en route from Melstone School to some far-flung Eastern Montana opposing gym for a basketball game.  (Some of Melstone’s regular conference opponents, like Wibaux, are more than 200 miles distant!  That’s a lot of yellow bus time.)

Holden plays for the Melstone Broncs and Kaigen for the Lady Broncs, and last night both teams played in –and won! — their respective conference championships.  Now both teams proceed to their divisional tournaments as they climb nearer to that coveted state championship trophy.

It’s a whole lot of intense basketball getting to where those kids already are, and we’re proud of them for all their hard work.  Glad they have something to do in the winter… got to keep in shape for summertime calf-wrestling somehow!


© Tami Blake

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