Hello, Aunt Susan? I need help.


So… my dear Aunt Susan was here for Emi’s 4th birthday extravaganza.  Somewhere in the midst of 10 kids stampeding through the house, knocking over cans of root beer and scattering confetti cake crumbs while I personally fried 25 greasy cheeseburgers on the griddle in the kitchen (because that was Emi’s birthday request), Aunt Susan commented that the floor was sure going to need a good scrubbing by the time the night came to an end.

I replied slowly, somewhat in disbelief myself as the realization of the truth came over me, that if indeed I were to scrub, it would be the first time I’d scrubbed the floor in the house we’re living in now.

Aunt Susan replied pleasantly, “And of course we know you’re just kidding.”

I shook my head sadly.  “No.  No… I’m not kidding.  I’ve never scrubbed this floor.”

You might recall that we Blakes moved in October 1st.  As in, approximately 128 days ago.

And I honestly have not scrubbed yet.  Sure, I’ve spot-cleaned innumerable spills and accidents.  But as far as sweeping the entire floor all at one time and then agitating the entire surface with hot, soapy water in an effort to achieve thorough cleanliness… no.  I truly tell you, those are chores I have not even attempted for many months.

It’s not that I don’t agree that scrubbing is a very good thing to be done.

It’s not as though scrubbing isn’t continually on my to-do list (which I never have time to look at).

It’s just that scrubbing the floor never makes it onto my priority list of

Things That Must Be Done In Order For Each Blake To Survive Today

I know I should be a better housekeeper.  I was taught better than this.  I dream of an orderly, organized, beautiful home.

I just don’t know how to get there from here.

Because you know what?  Emi’s birthday was over two weeks ago.  Somethings like 16 days of opportunity have passed since Aunt Susan’s gentle reminder that a decent person certainly would’ve cracked open the bottle of Pine-Sol within recent memory.  But I still haven’t made the time to scrub.  My schedule isn’t looking real good for the next few days, either.  Today we’re having friends over.  Tomorrow the Bangs-vaccinating crew will be here for lunch.  Friday Asher and I are going skiing with his homeschool co-op.  This weekend is the prime rib dinner at the church in town — Saturday we’ll be preparing and Sunday we’ll be serving a hundred hungry souls.

Maybe I’ll scrub next Monday.

Or maybe Aunt Susan could come do it for me?

Thanks in advance.


Your Lovely Loving Niece

© Tami Blake

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