3 things… no, 4… okay, 5

  1. Evidently conditions have been perfect this winter to create a layer of snow ideal for cutting into igloo bricks.  The drift in the northwest corner of our yard is crystalized and dry enough that we can slice it into perfect little blocks with the aid of a saw.  Asher was the first one to figure it out, and he and Beau have been constructing our first igloo in the backyard.  We even watched an instructional video on Youtube… but the dome of the roof remains a mystery.igloo1igloo2


A.  You know how sometimes your kids tell you, when they wake up, about something that happened while they were asleep that really didn’t happen?  Well, this morning I was changing Baby Marsi’s diaper first thing when Asher rolled out of his bed.  As he stumbled by, he growled, “She cried all night long.  I didn’t get a wink of sleep.”  Well… I’m 98% sure she didn’t cry at all last night.  Maybe he dreamt it?



2b.  I have a pretty strong stomach.  And I’ve witnessed my kids do lots of gross things, including regular picking-of-the-nose-and-eating-it.  But the other day I witnessed Baby Marsi digging in her ear with her finger… and then, after a quick examination of the finger, she popped it in her mouth before I could stop her.  Ugh.  Why?



17.  This week Asher, for the first time (this winter at least), pulled the old tongue-stuck-to-the-cold-steel-post trick.  It went like this:  He freed himself from bondage and didn’t tell anyone right away.  Instead, he took Beau over and showed him the post.  Beau said it looked like somebody had spit on the post and that the spit was frozen in time.

Beau:  “That’s disgusting.”
Asher:  “That’s my tongue.”
Beau:  “Did you stick your tongue to it?”
Asher:  “Yeah.”
Beau:  “Well… how’d you get it off?”
Asher:  “I had to use my body to rip it off.  … … … Do I still have taste buds?”


z.  Emi was announcing: “Elsa, Queen of… Elsa, Queen of…”

She obviously couldn’t come up with the entire phrase. So I offered: “Elsa, Queen of ArenDALE.”

And she said, “No, Mom, it’s ArenDELLE.”

And you know what?  I looked it up, and she’s right!  The little monkey is always catching me on phonetic inconsistencies.  It’s interesting having a house full of Mini Me’s… (I hate using the apostrophe there because I don’t think it’s correct, but the word doesn’t make sense without it)… because each of these Blake kids possesses, exhibits, exploits, and/or tortures me with at least one of my own more annoying traits.


Have a great Monday!

© Tami Blake

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