Three thoughts: Our Christmas-turned-Valentine’s Day cards

  1. I just plain love pictures.  Obviously I take tons of pictures of my own kids throughout the year.  So why would we hire a professional to take the photo for our Christmas-turned-Valentine’s Day card?  Because I wanted to be in the picture this time, instead of behind the camera, darn it!  Truth be told, we didn’t, until these photos were taken last week, have a good Blake family photo with by-now-22-month-old Baby Marsielle in it.  Now, I could’ve had any random anybody take a picture of our whole family.  But I believe in professional photography.  And, again, I just plain love pictures.


2.  All these photos here were taken by a talented local, Jen Pinkerton of JENuine Photography.  How did we Blakes end up with photos by JENuine Photography?  Along about December I was looking for a photographer to take photos of our family; I, of course, had a Christmas card notion in the back of my mind.  Jen had donated a photography session to benefit the local Baptist youth group; the youth group silent-auctioned the session at their booth at Holidays in Hysham, I put in one bid… and… ta-da!… we won ourselves a photography session.


3.  So why didn’t we send out Christmas cards?  Because between the hectic schedule of December and various illnesses our family suffered through in the twelfth month and some (very cold, at least judging by the photos) weddings that Jen photographed near the end of the year, we could never find a day on the calendar that worked for both Jen and for our family.  Until last Saturday — three weeks after Christmas.  No matter; along about December 20, in my quest for a stress-free Christmas, I totally gave up on Christmas cards.  I say I say:  why not send Valentine’s Day cards instead?  Gives recipients something to treasure after the hubbub of December is only a distant memory.


4 (bonus thought).  Why we look cold in the photos:  because it was darn cold outside last Saturday.  Jen was wearing coveralls, a ski jacket, a ski mask, and gloves as she photographed us.  We Blakes were more sparsely dressed in order to look fancy for the photos.  Luckily, our pickup was parked nearby, so we kept hopping in to warm up between shots.  Poor Asher had decided that he and Daddy ought to wear their suit coats and black hats for the photo.  That kid’s lips were all but blue:


You might think that’s a confident little stance he was assuming for this shot, but in reality he was about to keel over from hypothermia.

We do not take for granted how blessed we are to have these three healthy little souls in our home:


The Blake family Valentine’s Day cards have officially been ordered, but I can’t promise you’re going to get one in the mail, because… sheesh!… those things are expensive.  So in case you don’t make the cut and earn a spot on our official mailing list, please accept our wishes for a merry late Christmas and a happy early Valentine’s Day.


With love,

The Blakes

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