My inner devil and my inner angel compromised…


… and decided I could buy a single small carton of cream at the corner store (not a half-gallon of cream at Costco; read Three cheers for me! for more on that dilemma) and enjoy creamy, dreamy, sweet coffee this Saturday.

I’ve been abstaining from cream in my coffee for health-related reasons since early November.  And since I don’t love coffee without cream, I haven’t been drinking much of the black stuff at all as of late.

But so far today, abetted by sugar and cream, I’ve had three wonderful cups.  And let me tell you, I am on fire!  I have published three or four blogs already this morning, and it’s only 11:56!

(My legs and upper arms are trembling and I’m not sure if I’m going to take flight or throw up next, but the side effects of caffeine are a small price to pay for feeling absolutely alive!)

You know what?  I just had an idea.  I wonder if I maybe deserve to enjoy coffee treats every Saturday.  Or perhaps every Saturday and Sunday, making coffee a weekend reward, a sort of prize for making it through another week.

I haven’t decided anything official regarding coffee for any day past today… yet.  Or, I guess I should say, the devil on my left shoulder and the angel on my right shoulder have yet to reach their decision.

More later on coffee — for now I have to keep moving — I’m hoping to get a few more blogs written before the baby wakes up from her nap.  Do you think I have time to install the new dishwasher, too?

© Tami Blake

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