Down Two


Our two big kids are gone this weekend for a two-night sleepover with their two big cousins.

It’s strangely quiet here at the Blake house without them… and, even though we still have Baby Marsi here with us and even though she sleeps little and is in fact quite demanding of my time, our mini-vacation from 2 of the 3 has been surprisingly restful for me and Beau.  (Remember when you had just one kid and you were convinced that parenthood was hard work?  Looking back, now that you have three, don’t you think:  I didn’t know what I was talking about!  Having one kid is a cinch!  We are totally mobile!  We can conquer the world!)

These are the kinds of things the rest of us are doing while our big kids are gone:

  1. Last night Beau and I rented on Pay-Per-View and watched, in the company of the baby — who we (fingers crossed) assume does not yet absorb too much of what’s on the television — the latest Jason Bourne movie.  It was a date!  Such a treat to watch a grown-up movie together!
  2. We’re pouring one-on-one time into our littlest little.  When you’ve got a houseful of littles, it can be a challenge to feel like you’re giving any one of them enough time.  To have her here, alone, provides ample opportunity to do the things she likes to do and to look at her… I mean really look at her.  (Do you ever catch yourself in realizing that you haven’t truly taken the time, for days perhaps, to actually look at your loved ones?)
  3. We’re going through the house and tossing/storing/gathering up the stuff that the big kids would definitely fight for if they were here.  The giant boxes that have been enjoyed in such varying capacities as trains, forts, and boats?  Time to burn, baby.  The last of the Christmas decorations?  See you in 10 months!  The shapely, bikini-wearing paper doll which makes Beau cringe?  Perhaps an older girl will buy her from the second-hand store.  The much-loved hand-me-down sweatpants which don’t fit now and never did fit?  Adios, amigos!
  4. I personally am drinking coffee treats as part of my mini-vacay weekend.  Lots of it.  (See today’s blog on the subject:  My inner devil and my inner angel compromised…)
  5. As a result of drinking the lots of coffee… I’m churning out blogs.  One after the other today!  In reality I’m about to have to quit writing for the day, because sooner or later the baby will wake from her nap and we’ll have to eat lunch and I really should clean the house at some point this weekend.  But I’ll be back at the keyboard again tomorrow morning before we head out to pick up our big kids.  I’ve already got four new blogs, complete with titles, all planned out in my mind for the next round.  When a mom gets a mini-vacation, it’s hard for her to know what to do first.  Clean the house kid-free?  Finish up that paperwork?  Cook grown-up food?  Take a bath?  Ride a horse?  Take a nap?  Read a book?  Or write eight blogs?


   down two.jpg

Meet you here in the morning!

© Tami Blake

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