In case you were worried about her…

… Emi’s arm is not broken.  She woke up yesterday morning feeling just fine, acting like nothing at all had happened the night before, like her consistent whining had never alarmed her father and myself to the point that we planned to take her in for X-rays as soon as she woke up.  Her arm doesn’t even seem to be sore, though she does remember the ring-around-the-rosey incident.

So I feel kinda foolish for thinking it might be broken and for blogging about it here.  But I still think the whole case could’ve gone either way.  And I’ll bet the indecision of diagnosis is something pretty much every parent has experienced.

As for us Blakes, guess we’ll chalk this one up to another Unsolved Mystery of Parenting.  I’m just relieved we didn’t have to go to town.


© Tami Blake

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