Birthday Mountain, Stone 1: Dear Taylor, A thousand times YES!

Of all the many items on our almost-4-year-old’s (impossibly lengthy) birthday wish list, the wish to spend birthday time with her cousins and aunt and uncle is among the most indispensable. For a Blake kid, a birthday without the Gallos (my sister Sue and her family) is no kind of birthday at all.

The trouble is, the Blakes and the Gallos all lead busy lives… and we live 70 miles apart.  Though we always resolve that we’re going to do better and visit more regularly, the reality is that it’s no small feat to drop in for a visit… whether they’re driving west or we’re driving east.

My kids yearn for time with their older cousins, Nate and Tay; to be at their house, to play with their toys… but also just to be a part of their big-kid lives. So, at Christmastime, Emi and Asher both asked Aunt Sue for a sleepover at her house, and Aunt Sue promised just that, as soon as she could clear her schedule.

So with birthday plans for Emi blossoming and the accompanying quandary over how to involve all those individuals on Emi’s (also very lengthy) guest list (read more details in:  Birthdays are like feedlots… and not because they stink), there could not have been a more apt time for this little note to come in the mail:


Well.  A two-night sleepover with this gal and her bunny…


And with this fella…


So close to Emi’s birthday on the 23rd AND with a bouncy-house fundraiser at the kids’ school thrown in as bonus?  To say we are packing would be an understatement.

So, dear Gallos, in answer to your written invitation, the answer is YES!  A thousand times YES!

P.S.:  Never underestimate the power of a card received in the mail.

© Tami Blake

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