Gonna be settled any day now


The mismatched chairs in our dining room make me happy.  So do the window-pane frames my husband recently secured to the wall.

We moved into this house here at PV Ranch HQ over three months ago.  There are still four boxes to unpack here in the house, two of which I am absolutely dreading because I think they’re filled with six-year-old artwork, and there is still a trailer parked out front that we never got around to unloading before the snow blew in.  I can’t even imagine what’s in that trailer, even though I know it has to be some of our own plunder.

Come spring we will unload the trailer, and then I will deal with the two garages where we unloaded all the loads we moved here before actual moving day.


The dining room is my bright spot in a house that most days shows little hope.  The antique table Beau’s grandparents gave us was refinished this fall by our friend Leesa, who lives at Horse Camp with her husband Brian, and it is absolutely stunning.  The table is surrounded by eight chairs, not a one of them alike.  Before we left the VX, I dashed around like a mad squirrel gathering up random chairs abandoned by previous inhabitants — then, once we got here to the feedlot, I added to the mix a few chairs I gathered out of the bunkhouse and the cookhouse — and then came the day (I think it was the day the guys weaned at the Red Corrals and I think I determined I was going to get this project done by golly about 20 minutes before 12 eaters walked through my front door for lunch) that I gathered up all my mismatched chairs and put them under my antique table, and oh… it took my breath away.  The whole effect is just as shabby, just as quaint, just as unique-to-my-kitchen… as I hoped it would be.

Because of course you know I can’t be all matchy-matchy.  It’s just not who I am.  Take, as an example, my collection of dinner plates:


So the dining room is nearing completion.  I do need to order photos to fill the panes in the window frames.  I need to hang curtains.  And, okay, I’d like to paint and antique an old dresser that sits in the corner.  In reality, I’ve still got a long ways to go on my lifelong journey of interior design in which there are few rules and many, many, many unfinished projects.

But in the dining room I see real potential for the kind of home I’d like to live in.

In my office, not so much:


I wonder if maybe I should take a few days off from blogging in order to force myself to organize my papers, balance the checkbook, unpack that box, deal with those baskets (groan… I don’t even want to know what’s in those baskets), and clear off the desktop on my Mac.

Maybe my disastrous desk has been the instigator in all the onerous blogs I’ve been churning out lately?

Also, I really need to order that personalized calendar with pictures of the kids that I promised Beau’s grandmother for Christmas.

I always keep my promises.  I’m usually just running about a month behind.

I wonder if you can get a calendar that would go from February to February?

© Tami Blake

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