I got my hair cut short…

… because I always worry that I look like a long-haired man when I have long hair.

Also to save on shampoo.

And no, I didn’t cut it myself.

Why does everybody keep asking that?

One time, people.  I cut my own hair one time.


I’ll have you know that I am not a good representative of the iGeneration.  I have a terrible time getting everything lined up for a selfie.

I usually end up taking shots of myself like this one, which revealed to me (once I got inside and looked at it on my extra-large computer screen) that I have developed more than a couple gray hairs recently.  This particular selfie ruined an otherwise perfectly fine day:




Also, in a selfie, are you supposed to look right at the camera, or look away — like you’re cool and aloof and disinterested?  Because I can look cool and aloof and disinterested if that’s what everybody thinks I should do.  (See below.)



Usually Beau comes along and rescues me from ruination by selfie.  Though I’m not saying he always takes the most flattering photos of me.  Also, Emi is blinking in this one.  (Not that I’m picky or anything.)  (Thank you, husband.)


Bonus of a haircut like this:  I haven’t combed it for, like, two weeks!  Betcha couldn’t tell from the pictures.  Betcha want a haircut like mine.  The Lost Boy of Neverland look is totally in!

Oh, and one more thing:  I hope those of you who haven’t seen me in a long time aren’t saying something right now like, “Wow, she has really aged since I saw her last.”  Or, “Goodness, somebody could stand to go in for a teeth-cleaning.”  Or, “Yikes, I hope it’s the [100% goose down, I’ll have you know] coat that’s making her look so puffy.”

Because you should try living with these three little people, and coffee just does that to a person but it also keeps said person alive, and yes, you’re right, it’s the coat.

© Tami Blake

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