He loves me!

I know because he got me the boots I wanted for Christmas.


(And what I mean by that is, he let me order these boots for myself for Christmas.  Call me controlling, but it usually works better if I pick my own gift.)

And actually, I knew he loved me before he got me the boots.  But still… a new pair of boots never hurts when you’re trying to express your love to someone.

He and I teamed up to get our little cowgirl a new pair of boots for Christmas, too.  So now 3-year-old Emi and I get to be turkey-oise twinsies.  She likes being twinsies with me.


And I like being twinsies with her.

Guess you know you’re a ranch wife if you’re down to three pairs of underwear and one pair of go-to-town pants yet pine for a $300 pair of boots for Christmas.

You know what they say…


© Tami Blake

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