One last day of weaning

Yesterday the last of the PV cows were weaned and their calves trucked in from the hills to spend the winter here in the feedlot.

This final weaning of 2016 had been delayed a couple weeks because of the super wintry weather we’ve been having.  Now, I’ll have you know, the PV cowboys are accustomed to working in inclement weather, but it was the kind of deal where the original weaning date got postponed because of subzero temps, and then the event just kinda kept getting put on the back burner.  So while most people around here finished weaning their calves in October, we’re just glad to have it done before Christmas.

But today, officially, every cow on the place has been preg-tested, and every calf is tucked snug into the feedlot ’til spring comes.

Yesterday was a bright, warm day for working outside — though a wee bit slick for the crew as they maneuvered melty, snow-packed roads with the semi and the trailer.  Beau had taken the tractor we call “The Hulk” up to the corrals the day before the weaning to plow snow… and so it’d be there just in case the semi got stuck.

Here’s what the calves looked like when they got off the truck:


Big and beeeeee-you-tiful.  But then, they are nigh on nine months old.

Kate took the kids for a ride while I snapped a few photos (there is an awesome video of this on Facebook!):


I got a picture of Benny performing acrobatics in his winter clothes.  We collectively hold our breaths around here when Benny insists on scaling the side of the semi.  Look at Beau down there, just ready to catch him if he falls.


And I got one of Bill pitching fresh hay to the fresh calves:


We Blakes are blessed to work with good people.

I personally think it helps that the kids and I have been (literally) buttering everybody up with a treat every day on the countdown to Christmas.

7 days ’til Christmas:  puppy chow

6 days ’til Christmas:  maple fudge

5 days ’til Christmas:  sugar cookies

4 days ’til Christmas:  sugared almonds

And… Emi votes for chocolate chip cookies today.  I better get busy!

© Tami Blake

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