P.S.: The house water is frozen.

It’s about two below this morning; not the coldest we’ve had this week.  Yet, for some reason — maybe the wind came from a different direction last night? — we discovered first thing this morning that our bathroom water is frozen.

As is the water in Beau’s office (a separate building in the yard).

Beau is no stranger to frozen water; he’s been dealing with frozen stock tanks all week.  Can’t you see the confidence in his expression as he heads outside to gather up pipe-thawing supplies and to meet with his coworkers to receive word on other disasters that befell the ranch as we lay asleep in our bed last night?


Our hero.  Smirking in the face of another inevitable inconvenience in his everyday.  Wearing that “Ah, I’ve Been Drug Before” expression that has carried our marriage through many a trial and tribulation.

Good luck out there today, darling.  You can probably achieve anything wearing that coat.

© Tami Blake

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