Dear Pioneer Woman,


I’m sorry.  I just can’t do it anymore.  I just can’t.  I just…

I can’t keep grating all the cheese I use by hand.


I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you.

I know you think it’s best if I grate my own cheese.  I know you say my food will taste better and my life will be lovelier if I grate all my own cheese.

I want to do what you think is right.  I believe what you say on television and in your cookbooks and on your blog.

But I’m tired.  So tired.


Not to make excuses for myself, but I do have three little kids.  And I hate washing dishes.  And sometimes I cook meals for big bunches of people.  And sometimes I scrape my knuckles on the grater and bleed all over everything!

You don’t want that for me, do you?

I know you don’t understand, but… store-bought shredded cheese is just so… well, it’s so darn convenient.  I know it doesn’t melt as smoothly or taste quite right, but I don’t always care about those things.

Whew.  I wanted to be totally honest with you, and I hope we can still be best friends.

I just wanted to tell you the truth.



Your biggest fan (and hopefully your best friend still)

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Dear Pioneer Woman,

    1. Hi Christina, sorry it’s taken me so long to wade through my emails here — I WOULD like to order one! Let me know if you receive this and how I should order — I’m never sure if my replies go back to people.


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