Whirlwind Weekend

Some of the fun things we’ve been up to:


The day before Thanksgiving, my little cowgirls and I helped move calves around in the feedlot.  That’s Emi on Jiggers and me and Marsi on Doogan.  (Photo by Kate Watson.)


Then, the day after Thanksgiving, the kids (including niece Tay) and I hiked up to Table Rock with our dear friends Kena and Mrs. Lackman.  (That’s Table Rock in the upper righthand corner of the photo above.  Whew, we still had a ways to go!)

(Mrs. Lackman was my second-grade teacher, though she was gone for most of the year tending to baby Kena, so I still have to call her Mrs. Lackman.  Old habits die hard!)

Mrs. Lackman’s Fitbit indicated the climb to the top of the rock was a little over 2,000 steps — and that we’d climbed over 30 flights along the way!  I had 20-month-old Marsielle in the backpack for the hike, and suffice it to say I had to rest… often… on the way up.  She conked out about halfway there, so missed the fantastic view from the climax:


Do you not love my stocking hat?  I’ve had it since about third grade.  (Photo by Kena Lackman.)

And, not to disappoint, the fantastic view I spoke of, of our little piece of the world, the Pease Bottom of the Yellowstone River:


(That’s the Myers Bridge across the river; the white building at the left of the photo is the remodeled Rancher Schoolhouse; the feedlot at the upper center of the photo is PV Ranch headquarters, where we live; the road stretching into the horizon goes to Ingomar.)

Also at the top of the rock, Tay and Kena thought it was appropriate to form a dance line:


(More on Kena in a future blog which will be part of an upcoming offshoot of prairiemom.me called “Twenty Questions With…”.  I plan to interview all sorts of interesting people in the future and post the resulting Q&As right here!  As far as Kena goes, she’s not only my former babysitting charge; she’s a fourth-year med student too!  Tay loves her.  Actually, we all love her.  Good luck at your interviews this week, Kena!)

So… the day after the hike, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, after the fresh-weaned calves were processed and we’d fed the crew — here’s a photo of me ‘n’ my sis making enchilada casserole for them —


— the boys went off to hunt and Tay organized the rest of us to decorate gingerbread house cookies!


(Tay, you might recall, plans to open a bakery just as soon as she finishes fifth grade.  I mean pastry school.)

In other news, Marsielle’s hair just keeps getting higher and higher.  When we took her trick-or-treating on Halloween, an older gentleman in the neighborhood actually had to ask, “Did you give her a permanent?”


The answer, of course, is no.  It’s all natural.  Aren’t you jealous?

© Tami Blake

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