Thanksgiving Revisited

Three votes are in for foods that must be added to My Perfect Thanksgiving Menu.

First, Uncle Rick says fresh radishes.  (He was very disappointed they weren’t on the table this year.)



Next, Niece Taylor votes for Grandma’s red jell-O.  (Grandma did have her oft-made, much-loved jell-O on the table this year, and Taylor came back for sixths or maybe sevenths.  Sometimes I dismiss jell-O’s simple appeal… but Taylor has reminded me.)



And finally… Nephew Nate, who doesn’t even like pie, votes for custard pie.  Grandma made a custard pie on Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving, using a leftover crust, and Nephew Nate had a piece… and then another… and then declared it was the best pie he’d ever experienced in all his 13 years.  So, since we aim to please… custard pie must be on the official Thanksgiving menu from now on.


I wrote all that down.

© Tami Blake

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