In Case You Have Me Over

I really should be careful about eating red meat; bacon; pies, cakes, and cookies; eggs; shrimp; cheese; and butter.

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t sneak a little treat now and then, right?

So:  in the wake of my gallbladder attack last week, I’ve embarked on a journey of research of the issue.  First, my sister Dr. Sue explained for me exactly what causes a gallbladder to hurt:  your gallbladder (under your right ribs) is in charge of squeezing digestive juices and bile into your small intestine to aid with digestion.  If the gallbladder is trying to do its job and there are gallstones blocking the way, the gallbladder just squeezes and squeezes against those stones, and pain results.

I digested (pun intended) Dr. Sue’s knowledge, then got to wondering what exactly causes a gallstone to develop.  Because the stones are the real problem, right?

I discovered through my online sources (only the reputable ones, of course — *grin*) that many people form and pass gallstones in their life without even knowing it.  And that though there are several theories on where gallstones come from, a main one is that this happens:  when a body has more cholesterol in it than said body can digest, the excess cholesterol crystalizes into stones.

Now, since last week’s incident, I have heard from many folks who report they had their gallbladder out and went back to a life of eating whatever they felt like eating, with nary a digestive issue.  Please understand that I am a big fan of eating whatever I want, and I am definitely not opposed to surgery should my gallbladder continue to give me trouble.

However.  Do you think that maybe my sputtering body is trying to send me a message?  Do you think that maybe I should consider some lifestyle changes in light of my body’s angry reaction to the food I’ve been eating?

See, I believe that our bodies don’t go defunct near as much as we just plain mistreat them and so they react poorly.

It’s this sort of thinking that led me to look up the list of the Top Ten High-Cholesterol Foods.  And there, on that dreaded list, I saw some of my favorites:  red meat; bacon; pies, cakes, and cookies; eggs; shrimp; cheese; butter.

Ah, it all comes as a blow to someone who’s been trying to convince her (confused and non-compliant) extended family for years that carbs are the real problem.  It seems that maybe I overdid the fats side of the scale in my war against carbs.

So if you’re looking for me these days, you can find me with my nose back in my “Trim Healthy Mama” book, trying to relearn the rules for healthy eating and healthy living… which I mostly understand already but mostly refuse to obey.  See, like so many people, it’s portion control that I lack.  Poor THM authors, they didn’t realize when they said it was okay (healthy even!) to add a little cream to your coffee that I’d be adding four tablespoons every day.  (Because it’s so delicious that way, understand?)

And perhaps it’s true that one, at age 34, can’t eat all her kids’ Halloween candy and expect to get away with it like she could when she was 30.

Stinking Americans like me.  We tend to take everything to extremes, don’t we?

© Tami Blake


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