Weekend with the Senator


My husband spent a weekend in October in the company of Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.), touring Daines and Daines’ wife and their son across the PV.  The entourage was in search of three buck antelope for the camouflaged Daines family — and they were successful!

My thoughts On Hunting have already been recorded here on my groundbreaking, for-the-betterment-of-humankind blog — but that doesn’t mean that Beau and I share all the same opinions in life.  As most couples do, we agree to disagree on some matters, with varying degrees of success.



Long story short… despite my best intentions, Beau continues to speak and think fondly of hunting, and every once in a while he sneaks out the door with a weapon in hand for an actual hunting excursion.

Beau’s interest in hunting has caught the attention of our corporate ranch office in Bozeman, and when they called to let him know that the Daines family was looking to bag a few antelope (Beau calls them pronghorns) in our neck of the woods, Beau had soon enough committed himself to a weekend of guiding an antelope-hungry Republican Senator over sage-covered hill and through cedar-filled dale.

Though Beau of course knows the land they would be hunting inside out, he (a natural-born Southerner, remember) had never actually hunted for antelope before, so he enlisted the help of our friend Jake for the weekend.  Jake is an accountant from Billings by weekday and an experienced antelope hunter by weekend.  I think Beau and Jake were both very relieved that the weekend ended with an antelope for each member of the Daines clan.

I’ve never met Steve Daines myself, but I can attest that Beau and Jake were both very impressed by the Senator’s authenticity.  Beau found him to be an outspoken Christian with a refreshingly common-sense and patient explanation for any question Beau fired at him.

Of course, Daines is a politician skilled in winning votes.  But I’m tempted to think that he might actually be authentic, because wouldn’t walking 120 miles in pursuit of a stinky goat, then going elbow-deep in said goat’s guts, then gushing over how excited you are to taste the oncoming antelope jerky… well, wouldn’t that bring out the real Steve in anybody?

The hunt complete, Beau came home from the hills and changed out his camo and gun for Wranglers and bridle reins and life returned to normal.  Then, a couple days ago, a large padded envelope addressed to Beau landed in our mailbox.  Inside was an 8×10 frame with the autographed photo inside.  And we were reminded that we’d crossed paths with a politician.

Still, he’s a politician who — along with his family — honestly won Beau over about the time they topped their 15th scrub-covered gumbo knob.  (You know, I’ve always said Beau himself has a little bit of politician in him… hmmm…)

Oh, and one more thing.  As for the upcoming election?  Beau says that Daines, with all his Capitol Hill insider knowledge, says it has to be Trump.

(This is not an endorsement, paid or otherwise.  Just passing along some news we heard out on the antelope trail.)

© Tami Blake

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