Unpacking is Hard

Unpacking is hard for me because I have a systematic and slightly OCD brain.  To me, there is an order in which things much be accomplished.  The trouble is, I can’t do No. 2 until I finish #1, and before I can do #1, I have to get to Part C first, which I will get around to… just as soon as I accomplish Section a.

It goes like this:

  1. I need to unpack a box full of bedding.  I am planning to put the bedding in the green dresser.
  2. But… since we’re making a big dresser switcheroo in honor of the move, first I must unload from the green dresser all the junk which we packed inside the dresser drawers for transport.
  3. Some of that stuff in the green dresser drawers needs to go straight to the Rescue Mission.
  4. I need an empty box to fill with stuff to take to the Rescue Mission.
  5. But I don’t have an empty box for reasons listed above!
  6. Some of the other stuff in the green dresser drawers needs to go into other dressers (by the way, we have waaay too many dressers, but I love them each and every one).  But the other dressers are full of junk which I can’t sort through yet for reasons listed above!

See?  I’m right back to where I started.

Unpacking is so hard.


Another reason I never get around to unpacking:  I fill my hours with good things like any daydreamer would.  For instance, a photographer has only a short time period in which the fall colors are just perfect for pictures.  So she must seize the moment!  And escape the house…










So mostly, I’m just lazy.

Please don’t come visit yet.  Things are a mess around here.

I’m going to have a beautiful house in another life, and I want you to come then.

© Tami Blake

One thought on “Unpacking is Hard

  1. Ah, that is alike lot my reasoning…. am unpacked, but can’t eliminate anything I don’t need… Bet being right here where U started is making U remeinise (sp) . I can easily let my mind live in the past here- been here alot of years, although other places awhile too…


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