I love 2 cowboys


The good news is, I live with both of them.

Our little man will turn 6 today at about 5 p.m.  Yesterday he marked a PV rite of passage:  he — on his own horse and *sniff* without me — went with Daddy and the crew for a full day of weaning.  I took this picture of the men in my life at about 6:30 a.m. yesterday, right before they headed out the door to roll out with the horse trailer.

My husband had planned the day specifically because it was an ideal ride for Asher.  A small pasture, just a half section directly adjacent to the corrals at Ridge Camp.  Our coworker Nate’s boy, 9-year-old Ryker, to ride with and to play with at the corrals.  And at the Ridge Camp house, another ranch mama — Nate’s wife Becky, homemade-donut-maker-extraordinaire — on hand… you know, just in case our almost-6-year-old had a need a crew of cowboys couldn’t handle.

As for the ride, Asher has stolen my 4-H colt, Chives.  Here’s a picture of me on Chives when I showed him in the 2-year-old-under-saddle class at the fair last summer:


And when I say last summer… I mean 16 years ago.

Okay, back to reality.  Here’s a picture of Asher riding Chives this past September:


My heart is thumpity-thump-thumping right now.  And my nose is stinging for some reason.

Since we’re being sentimental and all, here’s a picture of Asher when he was a newborn last week:


I when I say last week, I mean 6 years ago.

Sigh.  How can he be… how can he…. how can… how?

(P.S.:  We always call this shot of Asher his “Pat Goggins picture.”  Something about the tilt of the hat and the confident grin.  Grin.)

Well, I can’t cry on here all day.  I’ve got things to do… for, as you might know, 6-year-olds celebrate their birthdays with much fanfare.  Buffalo stew (anybody have some buffalo meat I could borrow?), cheesecake, swimming, and a long-awaited stop at Chuck E. Cheese’s (remember Chuck E. Jesus?) are all on the agenda for today.

You know, I kinda miss that roly-poly baby he used to be.  And I kinda miss that 2-year-old colt I used to ride.  But not as much as I love this 6-year-old on his kid horse:


Happy birthday, bud.

© Mama

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