October Blessings


The cake lady in Hysham, Donna Etter, tells me I am one of her best customers.  I wear the title with pride.  I guess there’s no shame in supporting local business, nor in appreciating the fluffy-light creations she smothers with her almond-accented icing… nor in coming up with occasions for which a cake must be ordered.

This most recent cake-worthy occasion, however, was a pretty obvious one:  all in October, Asher and his cousins Nate and Tay celebrate birthdays.  Nate turned 13 earlier in the month; Tay turned 11; and Asher will turn 6 this week.  As Nate and Tay grow older and get more involved with sports and school friends, their birthday celebrations are changing.  So when we had everybody together yesterday for a few hours, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to celebrate these three cousins as well as the remarkably fast passage of time:


By the way, I made Donna the Cake Lady nervous when I ordered this particular cake.  I asked for a square cake with brown frosting with crisp edges — because, as you can see, I had plans to further decorate the cake as per a little boy’s request for an “Old West Fort” birthday.  Donna usually dolls her cakes up with all sorts of swirls and dollops of extra frosting, so she was very nervous for me to leave her home with an unfinished and what she called a “naked” cake.

With the help of Taylor (future chef, remember?) I got the cake to Grandma’s house — and the two of us, with liberal use of Kit Kats and Oreos and one Krackel bar as well as Asher’s little toy Playmobil people, raised up what I think passed as an Old West Fort scene from what was previously just a naked cake.

(I promised Donna I would take pictures to prove to her that I actually attempted to make something worthwhile with the cake she let go against her better judgment.  Hope you’re pleased, Donna.)

One more item:  since the kids were on a long break from school last week and Taylor didn’t have any basketball games (Nate did have basketball games), she got to come hang out with us for three nights!  My big kids were following her around the whole time, splitting their hours between Grandma’s house and my house, and as usual they all had a ton of fun.  There even came a time when Taylor insisted we reenact some sort of end-of-the-volleyball-season joke which she and her teammates enjoyed.  The joke involved whipped cream spilling out of one’s mouth, and Taylor thought I should take a picture, so I did.  Then she insisted that she would be watching to make sure the picture made it onto my blog.  So, Taylor, here you go… against my better judgment:


Because I love ya… even though the sharing of such a picture of anyone else would indicate otherwise… but with you, dear 11-year-old girl who loves sweet things as much as I do, I know there’s no better way in which to publicly express my fondness for you.  So here’s your picture.

Have a great week at school.

© Tami Blake

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