… so… under the influence of a deliciously sweet and creamy coffee this morning, I built a mountainous chocolate cream pie for the fellas to enjoy at lunchtime.

As I crowned the pie’s gloriousness with a few sprinkles — at the request of my kids — I slowly came to the awareness that I am hauling lunch out to the cowboys today.  The cowboys are pregnancy-checking heifers at South Butte Creek.  I will pack up the food, drive to the corrals, and we’ll all tailgate it for lunch.

The South Butte Creek corrals are about 40 miles from my home.  Of those 40 miles, at least 10 are gravel… and the last 5 will be mud.  In fact, my dad just called to advise that the road going to the corrals is a “little muddy” and he also suggested that I “have my speed up” in order to make it through.

So… will the pie, the glorious pie, survive the journey to South Butte today?  Stay tuned!

© Tami Blake

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