Open letter to Howard Newman


Dear Howard,

Just wanted to let you know that the Schwan’s man made it down the hill from your place to ours.  He was a little wide-eyed when he got here, but 5 miles of bumpy two-track and three barbed wire fences’ll do that to a city guy.

We were sure surprised to see him come bouncing out of the wild blue yonder of the southwest winter pasture.  He was sure relieved to see us — the humans you had promised him he would find if only he persevered across the prairie.  We happened to be out and about working on the waterline project when he wheeled in, and a refreshing cherry push-up was exactly what the kids needed right then.


We bought some other goodies, too, to make Mr. Schwan’s foray into the wilderness worth his while. We sent him back toward town on the Cohagen Road.  Hopefully next time he can remember that the Sand Springs Road is not the most efficient way to get to the VX.

Anyhow, Howard, thanks for sending him our way.  We’ll think of you tonight as we enjoy our cookies ‘n’ cream.


Your Neighbors at the VX

2 thoughts on “Open letter to Howard Newman

  1. Wonder what kind of story the guy told when he got back to ‘Town’!! 🙂 Poor guy, if he comes again U probably will have moved!!! I used to get stuff at Sumatra.


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