Oct. 1 Here We Come

Here’s some of the news:  my blog doesn’t like cloudy weather.  More specifically, WordPress — the host site through which my blog operates — doesn’t like cloudy weather.  When the clouds roll in and the sky grows stormy here at the VX, I have trouble accessing the page from which I post blogs.  Even though I can usually access other internet sites, and even though I attempt it repeatedly, my internet server repeatedly claims it is unable to connect with WordPress.

Hello, WordPress, is anyone home out there?

So that’s why I haven’t been posting much:  we’ve had a lot of weather going on this week.  Our rain gauge seems to be malfunctioning along with the internet, but we think we’ve had about an inch and a half of rain since Tuesday night.  That’s big news for us drylanders!  First the clouds rolled in…



And then the rain came.


(Don’t forget we are preparing to move.  Good thing I’ve been saving boxes in the shop for several months now.  Good thing the kids and I moved the boxes from the shop and into our living this week before it really got muddy.  Good thing the boxes remain in the middle of our living room, at the ready just in case we decide to get serious about packing.)


Anyways… as has happened several times before in my one-year blogging experience, the weather has curbed my ability to blog this week.  Finally I posted about the problem via Facebook, asking savvy friends for advice on a malfunctioning blog.  One friend suggested using a different browser, which seems a little above my abilities, and another suggested rebooting the router.  That’s such a handy trick which I always forget:  the restarting of the computer.  When in doubt, restart the computer.  It’s like giving your computer a fresh start on the day.  And it usually works.  It did this time.  Hooray!

Write that down:  when in doubt, restart computer.  Van Wilder, anyone?

But even though I wasn’t posting blogs this week, folks, I tell ya, I’ve been dreaming up some good ones.  I’ve got lots of blogs just waiting on the back burner.  Now I just have to get them all tapped out for the reading pleasure of my imaginary readers.  So many blogs!  And so little time in which to write them!  Because I’ve got lots of other things I should be working on besides blogging!  … Like packing for our move to PV headquarters, which is scheduled for October 1, one week from today.  (See moving boxes, above, just waiting for me to fill them.)

What else have we Blakes been up to while I’ve been off line?  For one thing, the kids and I have been running around the VX with my husband, taking last-minute pictures and soaking up the scenery before we move away from this blessed cow camp.

And, okay, I’m being a little melodramatic here.  It’s not like we’ll never be back to the VX once we move next week.  We — well, Beau especially, as our kids aren’t exactly long-distance riders yet — will be back for weanings and brandings and various work days all the time.


But still.  This camp won’t be ours, all ours for but a few more days.  Another couple will be moving in to live here full time starting next week.  And we Blakes will be living a full life at headquarters.

Speaking of which, yesterday we Blakes pulled a trailer load of our plunder down to headquarters… and we have to admit, we’re actually starting to get pretty excited about starting the next chapter of our lives down there!  Progress at headquarters is already heading in some of the directions we’ve envisioned, some of the goals we set are coming within view, and we were really heartened to see things moving along yesterday.  For one thing, yesterday was the day that a new (well, almost new) manufactured home rolled into headquarters.  A couple we look forward to working with will be living in that home; improving the quality of employee housing has been a big push for me and Beau, and we worked hard on this particular project, and we were so relieved to see an old, dilapidated trailer leave the property and this newer, much nicer trailer come in to replace it.

Meanwhile, the house we Blakes will be living in at ranch headquarters — the house I grew up in — is hosting a carpenter as we speak, a carpenter we searched long and hard to find and who seems to be doing a great job so far.  That house is undergoing a kid-friendly makeover — including a refinish of the original (1911) wood floors (!) — before we move in.

So, our week in summary:

  1. Been drinking in our last days at the VX, saying goodbye to the cattle…


… and seeing the sites just one more time… like these very cool pillow sandrocks:




Aren’t they interesting?  Don’t they look like giant plops of sun-baked mud?  (It just occurred to me that maybe they’re fossilized dinosaur droppings.  I would hate to encounter a dinosaur big enough to drop something that big.)

2.  Also this week, I gave Asher a haircut — a mullet, specifically.  Not because Asher knows what a mullet is, but because my cousin’s husband bullied me into it.  See, Adam (my cousin-in-law) has a 4-year-old son, and I have a 5-year-old son, and Adam is a town kid who lives on the farm now, and he’s always thinking it would be funny if we all tried to capture the essence of rural living in a very 1980s, very self-deprecating way… so, yeah, I gave my kid a mullet because I like a good joke too, Adam.  (Asher’s mullet lasted about 4 days before I gave him another haircut this afternoon.  He looks like my little boy again… not like some 1980s weirdo.)


3.  And finally, I really have been working on moving our family down to ranch headquarters.  We’ve already taken three loads down there (it’s 40 miles); my main goal for this weekend is to get all our stuff out of the outbuildings here (like the shop, the bunkhouse, and the barn) so that I can focus next week on packing up the actual house we live in.  Ugh… we have so much stuff.  And Beau and I keep reminding each other that we’re not trying to be organized for this move… we’re just trying to get all our junk transported from here to there.  We’ll sort through it this winter… I guess.

It will all lead to more adventures, I’m sure of that.  Stay tuned!

© Tami Blake

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