Get well soon, Dad


My dad had a little wreck here at the VX this week.  His rope got under his horse’s tail and his horse didn’t like that so much… and Dad ended up with 5 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a collapsed lung out of the deal.

He is in good hands at the Miles City hospital now, in good spirits (morphine might be helping there), and hoping to come home today or tomorrow.  He is already making plans for how he’s going to keep the crew busy in the coming week!

Big thanks to a responsible crew that finished the branding without him, and to a crew member named Forest who is an EMT and who rode along with Dad and Mom on the 90-mile trip to Miles City, where my sister Dr. Sue was waiting for them (as she has so often done).

My folks are, hands down, the toughest people I know, and Dad is by golly making sure to use up all of his 9 lives!  He has — just since he was married — suffered a broken pelvis and two broken ankles, burned his hands over a radiator cap, been bitten by a rattlesnake, slid backwards down an icy hill in a road grader… and that’s not a complete list.  So thankful that he made it, once again, through yet another interesting day on the PV.

© Tami Blake

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