Fair-Weather Cowgirl

Scan 4

Sometimes I wish that I was still on the branding crew.  I don’t wish that I was on the 2016 branding crew, but I wish that it was the year 2000 again, when I was on the branding crew and my horses and I were in prime physical shape and life was so very simple.

But then branding days like today go by.  It was 50 degrees today, windy, spitting rain… but my husband and the rest of the crew toughed through it anyway and got their calves branded.

I, in the meantime, was at home, glad to be inside with the kids… warm and toasty… sitting with my feet up, eating chocolates and watching soap operas… and savoring memories, fictionalized and otherwise, from the days when I was more than a fair-weather cowgirl.

© Tami Blake

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