Part I: Success! … Part II: I Still Love Her


You know it’s a good day when your kids bring you a bouquet of freshly-picked tulips from the yard (Why not?  They weren’t going to last long outside anyhow.) AND when the homemade rolls (which you were hesitant to attempt because you and yeast generally don’t agree) actually rose correctly!

Now on to Part II:

So far today, the baby has emptied a box of flax meal on the kitchen floor, tore into a box of tea bags (which is one of her favorite tricks), retrieved an almost-empty tomato sauce can from the garbage, and walked into a mud puddle with her footie pajamas on.  But I still love her.  I still love her.  I still love her.  I still love her!


P.S.:  I drove over this cute little cap with the lawn mower this past week, and the lawn mower absolutely annihilated it.  Thankfully the baby’s head was NOT in the cap when the cap was annihilated.  She was sitting on my lap as I mowed with the riding mower and I knew she had taken her cap off and was playing with it… then I went to back up to get a spot of grass and heard the strangest noise coming from the general vicinity of the mower blades… and, yep, the cap was a doner.

Again, just glad it wasn’t one of the kids.  R.I.P., cap.

© Tami Blake

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