The Burn Barrels


  1. Like many rural folks do, we burn most of our trash in the burn barrels outside.
  2. The baby is at that stage where she walks around the house picking up random objects and depositing said objects in the kitchen garbage can.  So far we have retrieved silverware, stuffed animals, books, and clothing from the garbage.
  3. Our trash sacks are see-through.
  4. The other day I was standing at the burn barrel, paging through the newspaper while lighting the trash on fire (it’s my prime time for newspaper-reading), when I happened to look down at the glowing flame in the barrel.  I spotted, inside the see-through trash sack stuffed into the barrel and overflowing with garbage, my favorite biscuit cutter.
  5. Risking burns, I dove into the already-lit garbage to retrieve my favorite biscuit cutter.  I tore open the trash sack and made the rescue by the skin of my teeth, then marveled at how lucky I was to have seen that biscuit cutter on time.
  6. I brought the biscuit cutter inside, washed it, and put it away again… in a cupboard within the baby’s reach… like I don’t have a lick of good sense.
  7. That was about a month ago.
  8. Today I can’t find my biscuit cutter.
  9. I wonder…

© Tami Blake

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