Six Good Asherisms


  1. Acting out a pretend military funeral with his little Playmobil guys:  “Is everyone sitting comfortable?  The show is about to begin.”
  2. I was changing the baby’s (poopy) diaper.  Absorbed in his play and oblivious to the world around him, he lifted his nose and sniffed:  “Who’s roasting hot dogs?”
  3. Mounted on his stick horse in his Indian costume:  “I’m gonna go check the buffalo and see if we have any new calves.”
  4. His favorite breakfast is a pre-packaged sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.  I warmed one up for him one morning and he mentioned that the egg was still cold in the middle.  I asked if he wanted me to warm it more.  “No,” he said, shrugging, “it’s kind of refreshing this way.”
  5. Cajoling his little sister through some sort of obstacle course of his own invention:  “Do you have it in ya?
  6. And finally:  “I think I’ll just live in the bunkhouse when I grow up.”  Oh, my mama’s heart.

© Tami Blake

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