Four Generations of Ornery Women


Baby Marsi was baptized this past Sunday, on Mother’s Day, in the church I grew up in.  My sister Sue, niece Taylor, and grandmother Peg attended the service.  It was a great opportunity for a four-generation photo of ornery Kuntz women.

Actually, the orneriness that courses through us genetically skipped one and a half generations.  My mother and sister aren’t ornery at all.

My 90-year-old grandmother has probably earned her right to say and do whatever she wants.  And the fourth generation of our group is age 10 or younger, so thereby not responsible for its orneriness.  So actually, I am the only ornery woman in the group who should know better.  I proudly represent my subcategory.

The men, of course, rounded out our group:  My dad Harold, my husband Beau, and our son Asher.  Brother-in-law Mitch couldn’t make it (he was branding with a neighbor) and neither could nephew Nate (he was playing baseball at the other end of the state).  So our family photo isn’t quite complete; also because Sue is behind the camera:



A baptism in our church is simple but meaningful.  The baby’s parents promise to do their best to raise the child up as a Christian.  The other church members promise to surround and support the family in the rearing of the baby as a Christian.

Marsielle’s baptism brought to mind memories of when our two older kids were baptized in the same church.  Here’s a photo, below, taken at baby Emilyn’s baptism in 2013.  Pastor Paul (who also baptized Marsi) is shown with our then-family-of-four.  Note of interest:  Emi and Marsi wore the same gown for their two baptisms.  The gown was mailed from Alabama with love by their great-grandmother Bernice:



And here’s a picture, below, of Asher’s baptism in 2011.  Pastor Fred officiated.  Back then I had just one kid, and so Asher’s baptism was quite a big deal in my mind.  I sent out invitations, organized a luncheon, and went shopping for a new outfit for myself:


Three kids later, I just don’t have the energy for such things anymore.  And is it just me, or do Beau and I look younger here?

While we’re at it, a few photos to share of the lady of the hour, who is blossoming into a sassy toddler seemingly quick as a blink.  This is the child who looks like me.  When I look at her, I often feel like I am looking at a baby version of myself.  (And I.  Am.  Adorable!)  Her personality also seems to mirror mine so far:  She is by turns uppity and reserved… then, once she gets warmed up, downright comical.  Marsi definitely thinks she is the funniest person in the room!  Here she is in the gown and bonnet sent from Alabama:







Now.  I would normally trash the photo below because it is fuzzy.  But Beau really loves it, despite its fuzziness, because it shows her dimple and her little teeth.  Beau tends to see beauty in imperfection… which is lucky for me, because it makes it easier for him to like me.


Let me welcome you officially, Baby Marsielle, to the Clan of Ornery Women.

© Tami Blake

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