The Perpetual Little Sister


Here’s how she wakes herself up immediately about 64% of the time when I lay her down in the crib:  She rubs her nose.

It goes like this:  She’ll be completely zonked out in my arms.  As  I lay her down softly in her cozy crib and release my arms from around her, holding my breath, hoping against hope… she’ll start to stir.  As I’m straightening up and longing to stretch the “mommy hunch” out of my back, she will take a little jab at her nose, which always, conveniently, itches right about now.  One little jab won’t scratch the itch, so still half-asleep, she’ll do it again.  She’ll get a little more agitated with each jab, and before you know it she’s grinding furiously at her nose with her little fist.  Then her face twists in horror as she realizes she’s in her crib, her eyes squint open and glare at me in dismay (Were you  just planning to abandon me here?)… and she wails.

Truly.  She wakes up at least 64% of the time.  And maybe it’s more like 67.

It’s a good thing she’s so cute when she’s awake.  It kinda makes up for the fact that she and I have slept a total of 24 hours since she was born a year ago.

Another thing she thinks is cute is to sit on whatever project her big brother and sister are working on on the floor.  She knows it drives them crazy.  She just waddles into the middle of whatever it might be, pokes her little butt out, backs into place, and plops down.

Little stinker.  Little sister.

© Tami Blake

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