A Day With Grammy

I am so excited for my parents, especially Mom.  After years of living in ranch housing, they are putting in their very own brand new home!

The new house is a modular with the addition of a breezeway and garage, and for the record I’d like to state that working with American Homes has NOT been a pleasant experience for them.  That said, thanks to a local carpenter named Rex, the project is finally nearing completion and it looks like they’ll be moved within a few months!  (Moving will be a big project… they’ve been in the house they live in now for 35 years!)

The house is more Mom’s project than Dad’s.  Dad has never been too interested in housing or in being anywhere other than the ranch.  But their new house is situated on their own property just a few miles from ranch headquarters.  After years and years of being in the thick of things at the ranch, Mom is ready to slow down and retreat to her new home under the sandrocks… but they’ll live close enough to headquarters that Dad will still be able to keep going strong in his work at the ranch.

The kids and I drove down and spent a day this past week with my mom, checking out the progress on the house.  I had been anxious to help her in some way, but clearly my abilities are limited with these three Blake kids tagging along.  This time, though, I got Marsi strapped into her backpack and she and I vacuumed that brand-new carpet while Mom washed windows.  Things are looking good enough in the new house now that Mom is thinking she can start moving seldom-used-but-loved items in.  (I think that after years of living in her 1910-model ranch house, she is most looking forward to the closet space available in her new home.  And the attached garage.)

Here are the sights the kids and I saw on the drive down to Grammy’s house:

Mother Goose.  She (?) must be nesting on the flat near our lane.  She’s always hanging around:


The Galt Ranch crew moving yearlings across the highway at Ingomar:


The reservoirs on Froze-to-Death glittering brilliantly from the view on top of Mussel Butte.  Sure thankful for the little bit of rain we’ve had to fill them… but we sure could use some more:



At Grammy’s new house, I tried hard to get a good picture of her with all these Blake kids, but they are squirmy little shysters:


Maybe a close-up.  Don’t jump, Marsi!


Maybe from the other side.  Open your eyes wide, Emi!


Maybe next time.

Before we left Grammy’s new house, Asher wielded the camera to photograph a stray cat that was hanging out under the deck:


And also his shoe:


Back at my folks’ house at ranch headquarters for a quick bowl of Lipton noodle soup for supper (which is what the kids always ask to eat at Grammy’s house), the kids tested out a used bike that Grammy had picked up from a friend at church.  (Grandpa looks on from the background):


The Blake kids have never had a real bike with training wheels before, so it is quite a novelty at our house.  There were a few arguments over whose turn it was to ride, and Emi became plumb disgusted with the whole situation, and Grammy tried to talk her out of her attitude:


Asher is actually learning to pedal on this bike.  Pedaling has never been a natural motion for him, so his dad and I are very relieved to see that he’s figuring it out.  He’s tough enough to ride a pink bike, right?  I mean, it’s even cooler because it’s technically his sister’s bike and if he gets to ride it, it makes her mad.  There’s even a back seat for a doll!  (Definitely NOT for a baby sister.)


Speaking of the baby sister, Marsi walks everywhere these days, especially where we’d rather she not.  Grammy is worried that she might be pigeon-toed:


Both of the big kids regularly get in trouble for grabbing the baby’s head.  What, is there some sort of magnet attracting their little hands to her tiny head?  Why?  Why?


It was a good day with Grammy.  Congratulations to her for persevering to get her new house finished; I hope it’s everything you hope it will be, Mom… especially the background for many family memories yet to be made!

© Tami Blake

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